"Baroness Frankenstein has opened the doors of her castle to creatures of the night looking for a safe place to stay, away from the prying eyes and pitchforks of the townsfolk.

 The problem is, it’s not technically her castle anymore! The Baroness is penniless, and sold the castle to fund her experiments! Meanwhile, the new owner (the wealthy American widow, Hannah Hoople) believes she’s bought a hotel and she’s now on her way to inspect it!

 Aided by her assistant Igor and a gang of ghostly housemates, the Baroness must convince Mrs. Hoople that the castle is in fact a luxury hotel and not a dusty old Laboratory. 

To top it off, they only have one night to do it before Mrs Hoople leaves for Paris the next morning. 

If they fail, they’ll have to pack up their coffins and find a new place to haunt!

 This frightfully good family musical is sure to be a hit with big and little monsters alike!

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Images by Roe Parkin Photography

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