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Joining Our Company...

We always want to welcome new people to our company.
People who are keen, committed and destined for a life on the stage.
If you are an ADULT who likes the look of what we do and wants to perform in shows that really get your creative juices going, then get in touch. Unfortunately, we are not a company that can accommodate everyone but please give us a shout if you think we are what you are looking for.

For every production we always hold JUVENILE auditions. Our kids get the best of training here at FFAT and benefit from performing alongside an experienced adult cast. Having children in our shows is so important as we want them to experience the joy of performing live on stage, to build their confidence and to inspire them to perform to a very high standard. Take a look at our past productions and see lots of photos of how amazing our young performers are.

For more information about our auditions keep an eye out on our social media pages as we'll always shout about them there.


We also offer 1-1 training to young performers. Click HERE for more information. 

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